SCHLÄPFER Christelle

IAAP (France, Suisse)

Master of Arts, former High School Teacher and founder of edufamily®. Adlerian counsellor and lecturer in the field of parent and teacher training. Faculty @Ramon Liull University in Barcelona, @ICASSI (International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes) and @Alfred Adler Institute in Paris (IAAP). Specialised in bullying and cyberbullying. She internationally trains multipliers against (cyber)bullying: mainly teams of teachers, school social workers, counsellors and psychologists.

All Sessions by SCHLÄPFER Christelle

15:15 - 16:00

Présentation I.O.3 Case Study VET (on line)

Le harcèlement scolaire et le cyber-harcèlement : l’intervention d’urgence et précoce comme nouvelle perspective d’intervention et méthode par la perspective adlérienne